Portland is full of talent, and this is especially true when it comes rhinoplasty. You should consult the following five surgeons if you plan to change your nose. Additional info?

1. Dr. Michael Kim: The Artist

Michael Kim, MD is known for having an artistic touch. Patients rave about his ability to listen, and how he delivers results that appear natural. He made my dreams come true without making it look like I was a different person. Dr. Kim’s office is more of a spa-like environment than a clinic. It eases any pre-surgery nerves.

2. Dr. Karen Wells is The Perfectionist

Karen Wells has a great eye for fine detail. Many of her patients comment on how she is able to make subtle adjustments that have an impact. One client was happy to say, “I just wanted a little adjustment and she made it.” The team at her firm is friendly and they make the whole process easy as butter.

3. Dr. David Magilke: The Veteran

David Magilke brings over 20 years experience to the table. Because of his vast experience, he can handle any situation. “I was confident that I was being treated by experienced professionals,” said one long-term client. He provides a thorough consultation that is relaxed.

4. Dr. Elisa Bougess – The Innovator

Dr. Elisa Burkess always brings new ideas with her to every procedure. She’s always updated with the newest techniques and technology in rhinoplasty. This keeps her ahead of curve. One of her patients recently exclaimed: “She has a knack for mixing new techniques with classic methods.” She also provides excellent follow-up.

5. Dr. William Portuese (The Listener)

Dr. William Portuese sets himself apart because he takes the time to listen to what patients want, and then offers his expert advice as to what would work best for their individual needs. No cookie cutter solutions here. One satisfied customer said: “He made the entire process feel like I was valued.” His calm demeanor will make even the most apprehensive patients feel at ease.

If you’re thinking about rhinoplasty, you now have five excellent options! Each brings something unique to the table, while also ensuring you receive excellent care.