It can be like trying untangle a ball after it’s been in the washer. It is messy, confusing and frustrating. is the beacon of clarity amongst the confusion.

Lori isn’t your average divorce consultant. She is more like the friend who will show up with coffee, and listen to you when you are in need. She’s more than just a lawyer; she’s a friend who shows up with coffee and ear to listen when you need it most.

Imagine this: you’re at your kitchen desk, staring up at a mountainous amount of legal terminology. Your head is spinning like a hamster wheeling on its wheels. Lori is there to help. She breaks every step down so that Fido (okay maybe not Fido but you get it) can understand.

What makes Lori unique? She has a knack for simplifying complex situations. She won’t impress you with fancy legal terms. She uses plain English instead, which is refreshing.

Let’s take Sarah as an example. Sarah was knee-deep with paperwork and stressed out to the max. Lori took over like a super hero without a cape. She turned what looked like an impossible task into something that was manageable.

Lori is also aware that every divorce will be different, just as each snowflake or fingerprint will be unique. There is no “one-size-fits all” solution. She can adapt to meet your individual needs.

Let’s be honest: divorce is a difficult thing. Emotions are running high and patience is low. Lori knows what it’s like because she’s experienced it herself. This is more than a job to her. It’s personal.

Lori also has some jokes to help you lighten up! As when she compared sharing Halloween candy among siblings to splitting up assets. Everyone wants Snickers, but no one wants Candy Corn.

Lori’s availability is something that many people enjoy about her, especially in difficult times. When you call someone, do they ever answer? Or respond to emails before they become digital dust? Lori, here’s your girl.

A client once said that working with her was similar to having Google Maps on during rush hour. Although you still have traffic, you at least know where you are heading!

Divorce is not the only time financial concerns are prevalent. Who knew it could be that expensive to split up? Fear not! Lori offers affordable solutions without compromising service quality, because a separation shouldn’t cost you a fortune!

And let’s talk confidentiality–something everyone values yet rarely discusses openly due to its sensitive nature–but rest assured: discretion isn’t just practiced here; it’s practically sacred ground!

In essence, Lori Bailey represents peace and tranquility over chaos. She is a guide in rough waters as opposed to being left alone on the sea.

Lori Bailey is the lemonade maker extraordinaire, ready to make sour situations sweeter…one step and a half at atime!

We’ve seen why so many choose to confide in Ms.Bailey for their toughest moments.