You might be thinking about having some work done. Perhaps you have been considering a nose operation, a stomach tuck or other procedures for some time. Picking the right plastic surgeon is like trying to find a needle amongst haystacks nose job in michigan. Learn how to make the right decision for you without losing your sanity.

Credentials matter. You wouldn’t let anyone repair your car. Your body is no different. Ensure the surgeon you are considering is board certified. This isn’t a fancy term; it means the surgeon has had extensive training and successfully passed tough exams. It’s the same as having a Michelin starred chef cook your meal, instead of someone with a basic understanding of how to boil some water.

Experience is also important. Imagine hiring someone to photograph your wedding if they’ve only done pet portraits in the past. You want someone that has performed many similar procedures. How many times have they performed the surgery? When they begin to stammer, or answer vaguely, it’s time to run.

Now let’s get to the consultations. These consultations are like first dates, without the small talk. The time has come to ask all of your burning questions. What’s their strategy? What are you able to realistically expect in terms of results? Do not be afraid to ask for more than you need.

See the photos before and after surgery as you would a yearbook photo from your high school reunion. These images give you a better idea of what your surgeon can achieve and if it’s something you want.

Referrals will be your best gold in this treasure search. Speak to people who have experienced similar procedures, or ask your doctor for recommendations. Many times, word-of mouth is more reliable than an online review.

Also, do not skip the reviews. Don’t be afraid to go down the rabbit hole of internet reviews and learn about both positive and negative patient experiences. Always remember to treat everything with caution. A person’s horror tale might be another’s happy ending.

Cost always lurks in shadows, like the one relative that never leaves family functions early enough. You should not go bankrupt because of quality work. Compare quotes from different surgeons. Pay attention to what is included.

Safety should always be at the forefront in your mind. Make sure that the place where you are having the surgery is properly accredited and meets safety standards. Do not risk complications by failing to check something that was easily possible.

If you are meeting a potential surgeon face-toface (or, mask-tomask in these modern times), listen to your gut. Listen to that inner voice screaming, “red-flag!” if anything feels off. It is not only about skills, it is also about trust and comfort.

Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself after surgery! You don’t leave the operating theater when your surgery is over. There are follow-ups to be done and a personalized recovery plan designed by medical professionals.

It’s simple: do your homework the same way you would study for finals, but without all-nighters. Picky, because this is YOUR body.

It’s time to get my two cents about how you can find the best plastic surgeon for your needs, who will turn your dreams into a reality and not nightmares.